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Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my site. I love cooking, eating, and sharing vegan recipes. I believe that what you focus on grows, and I hope to grow good things by sharing my love of food that is good for you, good for the earth, and really good tasting, too.

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and am the middle child of five. It is my personal belief that I was also born a vegetarian. I have never enjoyed eating meat. But, as a child, I didn't even realize that eating vegetarian was an option. My parents were trying to feed a family of seven on a budget, and were not up for catering to a special diet. So, I ate whatever was for dinner, but always enjoyed the veggies and sides the best. I tried to avoid the meat, especially if it had skin on it or was on the bone.

As I got older, I went on and off a vegetarian diet about three times. Each time, I fell off my diet, usually in a social situation that revolved around food, but would be vegetarian for a few years at a time. At 26 I became vegetarian again and stuck with it through my pregnancy with my son.

I breastfed and stayed vegetarian for his first year. He was a tough little baby, he cried and cried and we could never figure out what was wrong. Then, after an ambulance ride resulting from a taste of peanut butter on his first birthday, we learned he had severe food allergies. He is allergic to dairy, egg, fish, and all types of nuts. He also suffered from asthma and very severe eczema. I was consumed with keeping him healthy and figured that one high maintenance eater in our household was enough. So I went off my vegetarian diet again, but ironically was baking completely vegan due to his dairy and egg allergy.

Finally at age five, he was lucky enough to be admitted to an intensive inpatient treatment program at National Jewish Hospital, which turned things around for us. I am so grateful to them! The poor little guy was so uncomfortable every day of his life, until we finally got help. At National Jewish, they said he was one of the worst cases they had seen. He literally had eczema covering 90% of his body, and many were open sores, but after one week of their treatment his skin finally cleared.

After, National Jewish, we returned to a more "normal" life and I began to focus on myself again. In February, 2010, I went fully vegan after reading Eating Animals, and have not looked back. It was very easy for me, as vegetarian had been my long preferred diet, and I had become very adept at vegan baking. We don't keep eggs, cheese, or any dairy products in our house for our son's safety anyway, and are very happy with our soy milk and coconut milk ice cream. My husband and son still eat meat when we are out, but I cook vegan at home, which they are open to.

I work full time, so my strategy is to be my own "Whole Foods Deli" and cook ahead on most weekends. I usually bake something, make a soup, a grain based dish, a breakfast item, and prep veggies for the week. I also invested in a seal-a-meal and keep soups, pestos, pasta sauces, and other meals frozen. This way, I always have delicious vegan food ready to go.

I personally feel my best when eating a vegan whole foods diet and limiting the amount of processed foods and sugar I take in. This way of eating also fits my desire to tread lightly on this planet as eating plants eliminates the raising, feeding, slaughtering, processing, transporting, and storage of animals. I figure instead of eating the cow that eats the soybean, why not just eat the soybean?!?Finally, it gives me a sense of peace knowing that I am not contributing to the suffering of animals raised for food.

I have zero culinary training, other than the countless hours that I have spent in my kitchen. I love to read cookbooks, food blogs, and experiment based on the ingredients I have on hand. I started gardening and absolutely love the seasonal ebb and flow of foods. I get so, so happy for pomegranate in the fall, the first fresh salad greens in the spring, the tomatoes of summer, and hearty soups in winter. I hope I can share some of that enjoyment with you.

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