Friday, January 29, 2016

Coconut Oil for Hair and Body

This stuff is just awesome. You can use it on your body in so many ways. Some of my favorites are hair shine, lip and body balm, and sugar scrubs.

To add shine to your hair just melt a little coconut oil between your palms and run your hands through your hair. I do this as my very last step after I have styled my hair. For a deep treatment a few times per month add coconut oil to damp or dry hair. I prefer damp hair as it seems to help the coconut oil spread more easily. Again, warm the coconut oil between your palms and distribute through your hair. Use enough to coat your hair with a thin layer. Then cover with a shower cap or wrap your hair in a towel. You want to leave the coconut oil in for at least 30 minutes, but can go as long as overnight if you want. Then simply wash your hair well to get the oil out. It really does condition and add shine to your hair.

To use it as a lip and body balm I put a couple tablespoons into a small container and put the closed container in a warm water bath to soften the coconut oil. Then I add just a couple of drops of essential oil and mix it in. Peppermint, lemon, and sweet orange are good ones to use for this. Then it hardens back up and can be used to sooth chapped lips and dry skin.

I love coconut oil in sugar scrubs. Sugar is great in a scrub because salt can sting any sores or cuts you have. Blend slightly warmed coconut oil with sugar. Add a drop of food coloring and a drop of essential oil to add a pretty tint and yummy smell. I have also used dried herbs in addition to the essential oil with great results. I have used dried rosemary, eucalyptus, and lavender and was very happy with them. A coconut oil scrub is thick and luxurious. It leaves your body very soft and is just fun to use as the coconut oil melts in your hands. Last year I mixed up a big batch of sugar and salt scrubs in two different scents and put them in cute jars for holiday gifts.

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